Our Company Story

We are the avant pioneers of FILM IN EDUCATION in Africa, weaving together film, education and technology sectors to deliver our optimized product to the market.

Tunga sets out to use African films to develop digitized solutions that benefit students, teachers and schools as well as filmmakers and African economies, while moulding and expanding the future market for African films.

Founded in 2020, our lifeblood is a highly powered team of creative individuals who continually absorb information, skills and networks to develop innovative solutions that enhance production, distribution and access to African stories. 

Our company name “Tunga” is a Swahili word loosely translated as “to finely create” and it expresses our unending commitment to and value for creativity and innovation.

We believe that making pivotal African films accessible to educational institutions through an online platform that uses film as a teaching and learning resource will help us achieve financial, sociocultural and Pan-African long-term goals.

Our platform will also boost the financial streams available to African filmmakers, thus promoting African art and economies.

Our Vision

To build Pan-Africanism through exchange of African cultures and art, creating a focal point for filmmakers and consumers of African films. 

Our Mission

To use African films as an educational resource to bring to life academic subjects and enhance young audience’s access to diverse African cultures.

Our Core Values

Our values are wholesomely part of who we are and strive to be, what we stand for and how we work as a company:

We're authentic

It is when we dig into our roots and use our own experiences and realities that we can fully understand who we are and cultivate what or who we want to be. 

Team Spirit

We believe in teamwork that creatively and innovatively develops solutions to emerging challenges in the African film industry.

We believe in connecting people

We believe that film enables us to travel from country to country, culture to culture, thus connecting African countries and people.

We build trust

We strive to create confidence in our narratives and hence the belief that we can learn from them and build a better Africa for us and our visitors. 

Fun and enjoyment spirit

Besides learning, we believe that young audiences can enjoy a variety of African films while appreciating the power and beauty of African art.

We nurture

Our commitment is to build Pan-Africanism and appreciation for African content, proactively molding and increasing consumers of African films.