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We are the avant pioneers of FILM IN EDUCATION in Africa, weaving together film, education and technology sectors to deliver our optimized product to the market.

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Intentional Growth​

In Africa, film in education remains an untapped market with enormous potential for growth. Over 260 million students in Sub-Saharan Africa are enrolled across primary, secondary and tertiary levels. The growing Edtech movement, including the use of smartphone, computer and web applications to enhance teaching and learning, is creating the impetus needed for vast adoption of film and other audiovisual content as a learning resource in African schools.

We are highly proactive, innovative and responsive in developing film, education and technology convergence solutions that give us a competitive edge in the market while providing our investors with opportunities to maximize their investment benefits.


The model of our business allows us to easily expand to other African countries. We will use the same film resources across multiple African countries to enhance teaching and learning experience.  Advantageously, many African countries have similar education systems and use similar languages in classrooms, creating a fertile market to grow our film in education business.

It requires effective networking, face-to-face and virtual communications and cloud marketing developed and implemented by a talented and cohesive team to reach and sign up more education institutions to use Tunga and film products published therein as a learning resource.

We rely on a dedicated sales team to reach and ensure our potential users have a seamless process when subscribing to our platform from any part of Africa. A single salesperson can help an institution successfully purchase their Tunga subscription either virtually or via a face-to-face meeting under 24 hours. 


Tutoring Platforms

Just an ordinary classroom setup but online-based and with limited audiovisual resources.

Highly expensive due to single-use signups, making it unaffordable and inaccessible to many students.

Students and teachers have limited or no communication with program producers.

Teaching is limited to foreign languages that suppress African languages.

Non-inclusive to students with hearing and visual disabilities.


Diverse multimedia resources available to teachers and students, making learning highly interesting and easy to grasp complex concepts

Institution signups make our product affordable and accessible to African schools across the continent

Teachers and students can contact filmmakers 

Provides multicultural and multilingual learning in schools to promote pan-africanism

Champions inclusivity and equality in education by also offering material created for special needs education.

Digitized books

Undiversified learning and teaching materials that are only in text and audio form.

Copyrights limit access and use of the digital books.

Educators and learners can hardly talk to the books’ authors

Most books are written in foreign languages derailing growth of local African languages.

Unfavorable to students with hearing and visual difficulties and some cognitive disabilities.

Meet the Team

Makandi Mbae


Makandi is Tunga’s CEO and Founder. She has amassed over 10 years of experience working in film production and distribution ecosystems and holds an M.A. in International Film Business from University of Exeter and London Film School.

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+254 725 034 334

Dennis Riungu

Chief Technology Officer

Hilda Gaciuki

Project coordinator & HR

Mike Odi

UX & Design Consultant

David Nyaga

Communications & PR Consultant


Legal Consultant

Mosbun Consultants

Accounting Consultant