School Sponsorship

For equitable & inclusive learning

We have millions of young people in Africa with dreams and aspirations for a bright future that can be achieved when we promote equal access to digital resources and tools. Our goal is to see each institution helps learners achieve competence and a sense of autonomy in learning. 

In line with SDG4 of education for all, our school sponsorship programme will ensure all students enjoy learning and feel innately part of the rich African heritage embedded in African films.

Our commitment is to actively work with stakeholders in film, education and technology to develop sustainable sponsorship solutions to ensure every learning institution has the requisite support for an equitable learning environment for all. 

Our programme is mutually beneficial to schools and our esteemed partners, donors and sponsors as the competence of the graduates from African learning institutions will mean a skilled workforce and increased productivity in the workplace.

We need sponsorships for:

1. Public Primary and Secondary schools

We give credit to African governments’ efforts for supporting digital learning with the installation of projectors, laptops, and electricity connectivity to ensure equitable access to quality education in public schools. But still many public learning institutions have limited resources to afford to pay the subscription fee to access our platform.

Our research has led us to believe that supporting learners with the right resources and tools for learning motivates them to strive for mastery of tasks and skills necessary for success. 

For equitable access to the film resources,  you can pay a subscription fee for a school to access film resources on Tunga.

2. Special Needs Education

Students, educators and multidisciplinary professionals involved in providing special needs education in special schools, integrated units and inclusive settings in regular schools require multiple sets of tools and resources to maximize students’ competence and autonomy during learning.

Learning needs of students with autism, hearing and visual disabilities, mental and behavioral challenges necessitate an all-inclusive access to the multimedia resources on Tunga. You can pay a subscription fee for a special needs education institution and support acquisition of toolkits for students with learning disabilities. 

3. Refugee camps

We are committed to providing exciting learning opportunities to all. Some young people have been forced by circumstances to study in unfavorable environments that negatively impact the students’ ability to achieve autonomy, competence and relatedness. 

Our all-inclusive School Sponsorship programme aims to cultivate a sense of belonging and autonomy and a self-drive for competence even for students attending schools in refugee camps. 

We believe that integrating film in schools based in the camps will reconnect the students to the enchanting African heritage beyond the hardship in their immediate environment. 

4. Children’s Homes

Every child deserves access to resources and tools that help them master skills and pursue their dreams with a sense of autonomy and belongingness. We know most children’s homes have limited financial capabilities to afford digital tools and a subscription to our platform for an exciting and immersive learning experience. 

We believe that together we can give learners in children’s homes the means to also enjoy and learn from the magnificent African films on Tunga. You can pay a subscription fee for a children’s home to gift the students a thriving sense of affinity to their African roots.

Strengthen Alumni Communities

We strive to foster school communities built on the spirit of loyalty, networking and giving to positively impact alma maters. 

A strong school alumni network can become the greatest organization to drive collaborations and discussions between students, teachers and the alumni.

Our goal is to stimulate people to actively contribute to the growth of their own communities with the view of promoting resilient and sustainable institutional development. Help promote quality digitized learning by supporting your alma maters.