African Films for African Schools

Integrating African film as a core learning resource in Africa’s education systems. We are on a mission to make learning highly exciting, interactive and imaginative.  

Whereas other EdTech platforms in Africa primarily offer digitized books, online tutoring and cartoons to enhance learning in some educational levels, we come in with an innovative platform to provide teachers and students access to quality African films, excepts, film guides and lesson plans for an optimized learning experience across all educational levels in the continent.

How we do it…

Making learning enjoyable in three steps:

1. Acquiring African films

We undertake extensive film research, select and license films made by Africans for Africans and about Africa. Once we negotiate and sign license agreements for non-theatrical rights in Africa, we ensure the films are rated and classified accordingly and publish them on our platform alongside well-developed lesson plans and film guides.  We can also review your film.

2. Delivering the programme and learning

We work with – educators and education institutions to prepare lesson plans, film guides and film excerpts to aid them in explaining complex concepts and offer students a quality and exciting learning experience supplemented by magnificent African films.

3. Building the online platform​

Our Tunga platform is the lifeblood of our mission to tap into African films as an educational resource to breathe new life into academic subjects and enhance young audience’s access to diverse African cultures and languages. We are absorbing innovative tech tools to weave a highly interactive online multimedia education platform.

We’re focused on offering an easy user-friendly interface for teachers, with ready-made lesson plans, film guides, and film excerpts well tagged in topics and age brackets. We have a quality VOD platform where students can watch the films within the school setting and our audiovisual content is curated for all levels of learning.

A dynamic film in education platform offers...

Benefits to all our stakeholders:


A superior highly interactive, entertaining and immersive learning experience interwoven with culture-rich African films and a Pan-African exposure via films.

Educators | Learning Institutions

They don’t need to overstrain to explain complex concepts and topics. They have access to a variety of digitized educational tools and resources that enhance teaching and learning in line with the government’s policy on digitization of education.

Film Makers

A continent-wide film distribution channel and a massive young audience ready to consume thrilling African stories.


A dedicated partner to grow the African film industry from its current value of $5 billion towards its $20 billion potential, promote digitized learning to over 260 million students across Africa and reinforce African economies through job creation in film, technology and education.

We are committed to working with stakeholders in Education, Film and Tech.